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For Safety’s Sake


One of our readers says he thinks the “Charters of Freedom” display at the National Archives (i.e., the manuscript pages of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights) can be lowered below ground for safekeeping, and perhaps this is what was done when the Obama White House sent the klieg lights into the rotunda for his speech this morning.  (Yeah, I think I saw this gizmo at work in National Treasure.  But there wasn’t a lot of real stuff in that movie, was there?)

Well, I hope that’s what the Archives staff did this morning.  Having the cases empty behind Obama would be kind of fitting, wouldn’t it?  And as long as the precedent has been set, maybe it would be a good policy to whisk those documents out of sight every time President Obama comes to the National Archives . . .

UPDATE:  Thanks to Greg Pollowitz and Jake Tapper for the reassurance.  Maybe President Obama’s fake Constitution makes him CEO of all corporations?


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