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LA Times to Obama: Renominate Keisler


Among the recommendations that this Los Angeles Times house editorial makes to President Obama on judicial nominations “to deliver on the bipartisanship he has promised,” I can applaud the third: 

“Obama should follow the advice of Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and renominate three Bush nominees whose appointments have languished in the Senate but who have been highly rated by the ABA and received bipartisan support.… Renominating [Peter] Keisler [to the D.C. Circuit] could signal the beginning of a long overdue truce in the judge wars.”

What’s the probability that Obama will follow this recommendation, either as to all three Bush nominees Specter identified or as to Keisler only?  I’d put it somewhere between zero and .0000000000001.  That’s, of course, because I don’t take seriously Obama’s bipartisanship talk.  I’d be delighted if he were to prove me wrong.

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