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This Wednesday, November 19, the National Review Institute and Hillsdale College are cosponsoring a conference titled “Whither Conservatism?”  I will be speaking on a panel on “Conservatives, the Culture, and the Court”.  Conference participants include National Review stalwarts and guests like David Brooks, Heather Mac Donald, and Kim Strassel. More information is available here.

On Thursday through Saturday (November 20-22), the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention is taking place.  The long list of distinguished speakers and moderators includes Justice Scalia, Attorney General Mukasey, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, and lots of federal appellate judges.  On Friday morning, I will be moderating a discussion between Eleventh Circuit judge William H. Pryor Jr. and ABA president H. Thomas Wells Jr. on the topic of judicial independence.  That evening, I’ll also be attending a reception hosted by the National Review Institute.  A detailed schedule of convention events is available here.

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