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Life, Family, God, and Other Small Matters


National security, international relations, the state of the economy, the patterns of taxing and spending–these large matters weigh heavily in the election.  With one day to go, here’s some required reading on “small matters” that touch us more directly every day and will shape the kind of society we are and become:

Is there a future for marriage in this country?  Maggie Gallagher, in an interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez, is “cautiously optimistic” about Prop 8 in California.

What are the implications for the smallest and most vulnerable among us–the unborn–if Barack Obama is elected?  Gerry Bradley considers the grim prospects for embryo-destructive research.  Tim Kelleher considers the “brutal truth” of abortion.  Hadley Arkes explains why it is right to say that Obama is a supporter of “infanticide outright.”  Ryan T. Anderson and Sherif Girgis show that in his quarrel with Archbishop Charles Chaput, Obama supporter and self-described “pro-lifer” Douglas Kmiec is retailing “the irrelevant, the false, and the fallacious.”

Last but not least, Richard John Neuhaus informs us “Why This Election Is About the Freedom of Religion.”

Read today.  Vote tomorrow!


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