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The “Winning Message” Is A Lie


Politico links to an ad by “Winning Message Action Fund,” a group that NPR says “shares leadership and an address with NARAL Pro-Choice New York.” The voice, over of video showing women in a police lineup, says:

“John McCain and Sarah Palin want to overturn Roe versus Wade.

If that happens, 21 states would immediately move to make abortion a crime.

And women would be treated like criminals.

What would John McCain do then?”

The group’s website blares a similar message: “If abortion is made illegal the woman having one will be a criminal. How much time should she do?”

Fact: No woman was ever prosecuted or jailed for having an abortion in the decades leading up to Roe v. Wade.

Fact: No woman has faced any criminal liability under the hundreds of pro-life measures passed by the states and by Congress in the decades since Roe.

Fact: The pro-life movement spends a great deal of its time and resources trying to assist women, with information, counseling, and assistance, including for women who have HAD abortions, who are indeed the second victim of abortion, along with the child.

There is zero factual basis for the ad’s assertion that women would be subjected to criminal liability when Roe v. Wade is recognized for the grave error of constitutional interpretation that it is, and the matter of how to regulate abortion is returned to the people, where it belongs. That is the basis of the John McCain-Sarah Palin position.

Meanwhile, what does Barack Obama stand for? Advancing “women’s rights” by defunding crisis pregnancy centers that give help and alternatives to abortion to women in need. Opposing insurance coverage of unborn children of needy mothers under S-CHIP. But above all, for the legalized killing of late-term babies, and even of infanticide of infants born alive, on the theory that the mother of an unwanted child has a “right” to her “choice” of a dead baby, and that it is a “burden” to call in a second physician to treat a live baby who needs medical treatment after being born alive.

The “Winning Message” seems to think that undecided American voters will be so disturbed by the fictional sight of 20-and-30-year old women in a mock police lineup that they will be jarred into voting for Obama. Before they do, those voters should take a look at the completely nonfictional spot addressing Obama’s support for infanticide.


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