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No Baseball Metaphors Here


About last night:  So a contender I used to be enthusiastic about, presented with a daunting come-from-behind challenge, had a bumbling, error-strewn performance.  And the Phillies defeated what used to be my Dodgers (I’m now a Nats fan) and are the National League champions.  Congratulations, Justice Alito! 

The last time (and the only time, so far) that the Phillies won the World Series was in 1980, just weeks before Ronald Reagan’s come-from-behind victory in the presidential race.  I’d welcome a repeat of that precedent.

Meanwhile, the baseball playoffs weren’t so kind to Chief Justice Roberts, who is a Cubs fan.  The Cubs, of course, haven’t won a World Series since 1908, which is so long ago that it’s rumored that fellow Cubs fan Justice Stevens wasn’t even alive then.


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