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Biden Steps in It


Tonight, Joe Biden walked – apparently voluntarily — into a landmine.  He said that “the ideology” and “the judicial philosophy” of a judge nominated by the President of the United States ”makes a big difference.”  That he would confuse these two terms reveals that he and Barack Obama fail to understand that the role of a judge in our representative democracy is precisely not to impose his or her political ideology from the bench.  Biden’s comment confirms that Obama would nominate to the Court only hard-left, liberal activist judges – not impartial judges who are faithful to the Constitution and who let the American people decide political policy issues for themselves.       That Biden further tried to pass this off as a revelation that dawned on him once he was on the Senate Judiciary Committee, leading the charge to destroy the reputations and nominations of decent men and women of integrity and judicial ability — from Robert Bork to Clarence Thomas to Janice Rogers Brown to John Roberts and Sam Alito – whose nominations he and Obama tried to kill, is a sorry excuse for his long outrageous conduct on the Senate Judiciary Committee.        The American people have made clear that they want Justices who have proven records of judicial restraint — exactly the kind of Justices that Obama and Biden cannot abide.  Obama and Biden want a bench crammed full of liberal judicial activists and it’s up to the American people to tell them “no.”


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