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More on: Some Trial Judges Confirmed


Three hours ago, I expressed the hope that the White House did a better job picking the other nine district-court nominees who were confirmed last Friday than it did in picking Anthony Trenga.  Alas, a reader writes to inform me: 

I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.  The appointment of Mary S. Scriven to the Middle District of Florida is cut from the exact same mold as the Trenga nomination.  She and her husband are lifetime Democrats, politically plugged in to the Democratic machine, and her husband is a flagrant Obama supporter

This swift confirmation is even more perplexing when one learns the fate of Bill Jung, who by all accounts is a man governed by right reason.  Please notice that Jung, nominated the same moment as Scriven, has received no hearing and no other attention and has been left for dead by our President and Republican senator.

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