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One for the Flipper


Matt Franck nicely sends up Obama’s revised — and what the candidate calls “less flip” — answer to the abortion question.  Nor is it the least bit “flip” to do as Matt did, which was to invite derision for Obama’s position by substituting “slavery” for “abortion” in Obama’s riff.  After all, the unborn are is as African-Americans once were: undeniably human, but de-personalized in our law and surely not bearers of rights which the master class are bound to respect. 

I would go even further than Matt, however, and similarly adapt the rest of what Obama said to ABC:

Here it is:

Some people say that slavery ought to be legally prohibited. I don’t. Whether slavery is morally wrong is a theological question we should leave to the divines. I think the better answer — and all this was reflected in the Democratic platform — is to figure our how do we make sure that slaveowners or people thinking of buying a slave have the kind of support they need to make a whole range of choices, including sending a slave child to live with another family or, even, manumission.


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