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Him With His Foot In His Mouth


Surely the late Saul Bellow sent an autographed copy of that book to Joe Biden, right?  Mark Hemingway, on The Corner last night, noted a story in the UK’s Guardian that Biden said an Obama administration might pursue criminal charges against George W. Bush.

Hailing originally from Delaware as I do, I have a long familiarity with the propensity of Joe-Joe the Dog-Faced Boy (as my father has called him for years) to speak whatever flotsam has drifted to the tip of his tongue.  Frequently his utterances will reveal hard-left impulses that Biden cannot resist giving voice.  This time his chatter has taken him into territory occupied by John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich, and I’m sure that Barack Obama’s handlers are urging Joe-Joe to curb his tongue.  But quick, now, before this fleeting impulse is replaced by the next one, can we please get some editor at the Nation or Mother Jones to commission a Biden piece on the crimes of George Bush?  Please?  I can’t wait to read Biden’s peerless legal analysis of the last seven years.


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