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More Summer Reading


In addition to the books I recommended earlier today — Justice Thomas’s My Grandfather’s Son:  A Memoir and Jan Crawford Greenburg’s Supreme Conflict:  The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court here are some books I’ve read recently that I’d also highly recommend:


– Steven M. Teles’s The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement, which I praised briefly here.  (Teles recently discussed his book on; I haven’t watched the discussion, but I’d bet it’s good.)  


– Yale law professor Akhil Reed Amar’s America’s Constitution:  A Biography.  This book is a real tour de force, especially in its first eight chapters on the original (pre-amendment) Constitution.  I’m not persuaded by all of Amar’s arguments, but his book is very insightful.  (Matt Franck wrote an excellent review of Amar’s book in National Review when it was first published in 2005.)


– Benjamin Wittes’s Law and the Long War:  The Future of Justice in the Age of Terror.  A remarkably fair, thorough, and thoughtful treatment of how to address the legal policy issues posed by the war on jihadism.

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