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McCain To Right-to-Life Convention


In the course of my July 18 comments [here] on Bruce Bartlett’s doubts about President McCain appointing legal conservatives to the Court, I said that McCain gets it about Anthony Kennedy. I said, too, that McCain is publicly saying to all hearers: no more Kennedys (or Souters, for that matter). And I listed his big judges speech at Wake Forest as an example of this rhetoric.

McCain repeated these postions earlier this month in comments to the National Right to Life Convention. He said (my emphasis in italics):

I will look for accomplished men and women, with a proven record of excellence in the law, and a proven commitment to strictly interpreting the Constitution of the United States. I will look for people in the cast of John Roberts, Sam Alito, my friend the late William Rehnquist, jurists of the highest caliber who know their own minds, and know the law, and know the difference. I have been pro-life my entire public career.


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