McCain & the Clintonistas

by Jonathan H. Adler

The Politico reports on a meeting between John McCain and Hillary Clinton supporters aimed at finding ground.  Apparently some of the Clintonistas asked about judges.

[Will] Bower [founder of PUMA ("Party Unity My Ass")] said he’d liked McCain’s answer on judges, in which he “pointed out that he supported Bill Clinton with both Ginsberg [sic] and Breyer.”

Another person who was present, but asked not to be named to avoid conflict with fellow Democrats, said he’d pressed a McCain staffer on McCain’s position on same-sex marriage.

The staffer “said it was the same as [John] Kerry’s position,” he said.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this.  Yes, McCain voted for Ginsburg and Breyer.  But what is the significance of this?  If all it means is that McCain thinks the Senate should be deferential to the President’s judicial picks, so long as they are highly qualified, that is all well and good.  But if it was meant to suggest that McCain will pick more “centrist” judges, perhaps it confirms the concerns raised by Barr and Bartlett in the articles I’ve linked below.

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