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Obama’s School Choice


My colleague Rick Garnett points out that, by opposing vouchers, Barack Obama opposes providing to low-income (and largely African-American) DC children the “options which middle-class people in the suburbs take for granted”.   And which upper-middle class city people take for granted, too.  People just like Michelle and Barack Obama, who send their  two girls to private school.  Why?  Because, as the Senator told the Chicago Tribune , the University of Chicago Lab School  was “the best option”.  Note that the Senator did not say it was the “best” school around, or even that it was  “better” than the local public school.  To say either of those two things would make him sound like, well, an elitist — or what used to be called a “limousine liberal”.   No, regular guy that he is, Obama selected the Lab School because that is where he used to work (part-time, at the Law School, not the Lab School).  And because “it was five minutes from our house”.  That’s Barack Obama for you — patron of the neighborhood  school.


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