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McCain Supports Specter’s Discharge Motion


John McCain wrote Thursday to Senator Arlen Specter, fully supporting Specter’s effort to break what McCain calls “partisan gridlock” on judges.  Precisely at issue are the stalled nominations of Peter Keisler, Robert Conrad, and Steve Mathews to the federal bench (in Conrad’s case, elevation from a district to an appellate seat).  But the Democrats’ chokehold on these three is symptomatic of their larger, and more destructive, and unprecedented scheme to tank all pending nominations. McCain wrote to Specter that this is “unacceptable…and only serves to harm all Americans who seek justice in our courts only to find our
courts understaffed.”  In what will surely become a recurring campaign theme, McCain used Democrats’ rhetoric against them.  The two-year delay on Keisler is “most surprising,” McCain wrote, “considering the American Bar Association unanimously rated him as ‘well qualified’ and Chairman Leahy has previously referred to the ABA’s approval as ‘the gold standard by which judicial candidiates are judged.’”

Perhaps the Democrats mean to revivie the rhtoric of their standard bearer a century ago.  Does anyone remember William Jennings Bryan — the presidential three-time loser — and his talk of crucifixion on a “cross of gold”?


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