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Event Postscripts


1.  My visit to Harvard Law School on Friday reinforced my previous impression that Dean Elena Kagan is making impressive strides in reinvigorating the school.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at the “Celebration of Public Interest” panel in which I took part—as I put it, I had the sense that I was invited to be the skunk of judicial restraint at the garden party of judicial activism—but all went well.  And earlier in the day, I had the pleasure of discussing the judicial-confirmation process with the very vibrant HLS chapter of the Federalist Society—which, I’m told, is by far the largest student group at the law school.


2.  The video of my University of Richmond School of Law debate last month on Gonzales v. Carhart—the partial-birth abortion ruling from last year—is available here (currently halfway down the page).

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