Specter Pushes on Judges

by Jonathan H. Adler

Last Friday Senator Specter called on Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy to schedule “prompt hearings” on President Bush’s pending judicial nominees, according to The Hill.

Specter sent a lengthy letter to Leahy on Friday urging him to schedule “prompt action on nominees,” arguing that “President Bush is even farther behind President Clinton in total confirmations when contrasting their entire terms.

Specter stated that the Senate has confirmed only 57 of Bush’s circuit court nominees and 237 of his district court selections. Clinton saw 65 of his circuit court nominees and 305 district picks confirmed, according to the letter.

“[T]here must be confirmations or at least up-or-down votes on 9 additional circuit court and 23 district court judges to equal President Clinton’s record,” wrote Specter, who spoke on the Senate floor Monday to press his case publicly.

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