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Glass House for Greenhouse


I’m glad to see that the New York Times has finally faulted its Supreme Court reporter, Linda Greenhouse, for failing to disclose to readers her conflicts of interest.  As the Times notes, Greenhouse’s “confidence in [her] own integrity has sometimes seemed to blind [her] to potentially embarrassing conflicts of interest,” including a spousal role that “created an obvious conflict of interest for her.” 


Oops, wait a second.  Those quotes are actually from the Times’s hit piece today on John McCain (with the second ending with “her husband” rather than “her”).  Once again (Andy McCarthy details several previous instances here), the Times faults others for failing to adhere to standards that it doesn’t apply to its own favorites.


One difference, of course, between John McCain and Linda Greenhouse is that John McCain, through his remarkable sacrifices (see second paragraph here), has plainly earned an ample dose of confidence in his own integrity.

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