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NYT’s Public Editor on Linda Greenhouse’s Ethical In-Fidell-ity


In his column in today’s New York Times, Clark Hoyt, the paper’s public editor, assesses my complaint—see here and here (and, for more, here and here)—about Linda Greenhouse’s coverage of Supreme Court cases in which her husband has participated.  Hoyt’s column is curious in numerous respects, not least of which is the fact that at the same time he endorses my basic complaint, he goes out of his way to accuse me of “increasingly intemperate and personal attacks” on Greenhouse and of a “partisan assault”.  In his 1136-word column, Hoyt doesn’t see fit to offer any evidence for his charges—probably for the simple reason that there isn’t any. 


I expect to present a comprehensive response to Hoyt’s column (on this and other points) early this week.

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