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One Year of “This Week in Liberal Judicial Activism”


With my latest “This Week in Liberal Judicial Activism” entry, I’m pleased to report that I’ve now completed a full year of the series.  I hope that you’ve found the series informative and entertaining. 


When I launched the series, one of my concerns was whether, given the heavy concentration of bad Supreme Court rulings in late June, I’d have enough material to get me through the entire year.  Well, in this limited respect only, thank you, Rosemary Barkett, thank you, Lee Sarokin, thank you, Stephen Reinhardt and your Ninth Circuit cohorts, and thank you, all the other liberal judicial activists on the lower federal courts and the state courts for rendering so many ridiculous decisions throughout the year.  


Based on the favorable response I’ve received, I’m going to continue the series.  I’ll make some modifications to the first year’s entries, but the modifications will generally be rather minor.


By the way, if you’d like me to add you to my e-mail distribution list for my “This Week” posts and for selected other writings, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and write “sign me up” in the subject line.  (You can easily remove yourself from the list whenever you like.) 

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