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Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth?


I confess that I’m more than a bit surprised that the ABA Journal has selected Bench Memos as part of its inaugural “Blawg 100”—its list of the 100 “best Web sites by lawyers, for lawyers.”  I’m not quite sure what we’ve done to earn the honor.  I’d like to think that it must have been my series of posts documenting the remarkable flaws that infected the ABA judicial-evaluation committee’s treatment of former Fifth Circuit nominee Michael B. Wallace:  bias, glaring conflict of interest, incompetence (see here and here), a stacked committee, violation of its own procedures, cheap gamesmanship, and flat-out perjury.  But perhaps it was my critique (here, here, here, and elsewhere) of the ABA task force’s “shoddy and foolish” report on presidential signing statements.  Or my promotion of the ABA’s U.S. Supreme Court Coloring and Activity Book?  In any event, heartened by the honor bestowed on me and my Bench Memos colleagues, I commit to redouble my efforts.


I will also note that is inviting readers to vote for their favorite blawg.  (A “blawg” is a blog on law.)  If you’re so inclined—and it’s apparently a very quick, one-step process—you may vote for Bench Memos here, in the “Politics for Sport” category (whatever that means).

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