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The Record-Slow Pace of Judicial Confirmations


A reliable source has sent me a slew of data on judicial confirmations during a president’s final two years.  Here are some numbers that jumped out at me:


1.  Appellate nominees confirmed during a president’s final two years:



G.H.W. Bush—20

Clinton—15 (7 in 1999, 8 in 2000)

G.W. Bush—5 (with just over a year to go) 

2.  Hearings on appellate nominees in president’s next-to-last year:


G.W. Bush—4 (with just over a month to go)

Right now, there is one appellate nominee (Peter Keisler, D.C. Circuit) still awaiting committee action some 16 months after his hearing, and there are seven appellate nominees (see point 3 here for details) awaiting a hearing.  The Senate is well on its way to a record low for judicial confirmations during a president’s final two years.

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