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Abortion: Who Cares?


That’s the question raised by George Will today, in a column that struck me as though it were a bit of ventriloquism by the Giuliani campaign, and not at all up to the standard of Will’s best work.  (Indeed, it seems from the evidence of recent columns that Will cares more about a Court that overturns McCain-Feingold than one that overrules Roe v. Wade.)   Joe Knippenberg at NLT has some intelligent thoughts on Will’s musings.  I plan to have more to say about this subject another day, soon.  Meanwhile (I can hardly believe I’m saying this), read Frank Rich.  If you can get past the usual bile, you’ll find he stumbles inadvertently on one or two true things, like this: “No matter how you slice it, the Giuliani positions on abortion, gay rights and gun control remain indistinguishable from Hillary Clinton’s.”


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