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For Southwick Nomination Junkies Only


I confess that I am so outraged at the lies being told about Judge Southwick that I have responded at some length (see comment 39 here) to the latest version posted by a commenter to The Board’s/NYT’s smear (which I critiqued here).  I suppose that it counts as progress that those attacking Judge Southwick over the Richmond case have gone from falsely claiming that the Mississippi supreme court reversed the opinion that he joined (when it in fact agreed that termination was not an appropriate remedy) to falsely claiming that that court employed a more outraged tone. 


If there is a filibuster attempt on this nomination (filibuster by the majority party?!?), Senate Republicans had better be ready not only to defend Southwick’s record but also to contrast it with the laughable records of Clinton nominees—Rosemary Barkett, Lee Sarokin, and others—whom Senate Democrats heartily supported. 

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