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D.C. Tax Haven?


Three cheers for the defeat this week of the obviously unconstitutional bill to give Washington, D.C. a seat in the House of Representatives.  I agree with John J. Miller over at The Corner that the Heritage Foundation has a good idea for D.C.–no income tax on its residents, since they are unrepresented in Congress.

A funny postscript–a reader writes in:

After your commentaries on the  DC Voting bill (which, to be clear, I agree with), is it intended to be black humor that Bench Memos and the Corner are presently running ads for the DC Vote folks? ;)

I don’t see them myself here or at The Corner, but I think that’s because they’re rotating (algorithmic?) Google ads.  Next time I come back (especially after posting this), maybe I’ll see them.  I guess this is the web equivalent of the Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner.  Everybody gets to shout at you, more or less at random . . .

“Algorithmic,” by the way, sounds frighteningly like a dance move by a former vice president.

UPDATE 9/23: Oh there’s the ad–not a Google ad at all, it seems.  Some outfit called “DC Vote.”  The reader who saw “black humor” in this placement has a point, after all the opposition stated all over NRO.


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