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AG Nominee Mukasey?


It’s being widely reported that President Bush will nominate retired federal judge Michael B. Mukasey to be Attorney General.  On the assumption that the reports are accurate, I’m going to offer a series of short posts today explaining why I regard Mukasey as a nominee whom conservatives should welcome.  I intend in particular to address the questions and concerns that some have raised about Mukasey.


One note at the outset:  I will not be comparing Mukasey, either explicitly or implicitly, to any of the other folks who have been reported to be in the running.  I would be happy with any of the candidates on most of the “short lists” that I have seen.  Especially after Senator Harry Reid’s cheap preemptive strike on Ted Olson, I would have welcomed the vigorous public debate that a battle over the Olson nomination would have produced. 

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