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Feinstein, Southwick, and the 10-9 Judiciary Vote


Senator Dianne Feinstein’s vote has broken the strongarm of the liberal left on this one.   Ed is right, she deserves credit for honesty and decency.  But make no mistake:  if there were even a shred of evidence that the judge was hostile to anyone’s civil rights, Senator Feinstein would not have done this.   Feinstein’s test had to be “zero evidence to support the charges against Southwick.”  Accordingly, her support for him is a resounding repudiation of both the misrepresentations about Southwick personally, and of the Democrat tactics of obstructing fair and impartial judges.   What is still amazing is that there are still 9 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who will act as pawns of the far left and try to block a nomination with absolutely no basis to do so.  It will be interesting to see how many Democrats on the floor will vote, like those 9 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee, against Southwick based on zero evidence against him.  


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