Greenburg: Court Moved Right

by Jonathan H. Adler

ABC’s Jan Crawford Greenburg takes liberals to task for over-stating the Supreme Court’s turn to the Right, and suggests some conservatives have denied there was any change at all (though she cites more extensive examples of the former than the latter).  Her bottom line:

There’s no question the Court made a conservative turn this year. There’s no question the addition of Roberts and Alito made a difference—as conservatives hoped and liberals feared. There’s no question that could have an enormous impact on American life. But let’s have an honest debate about what the Court actually did—and what that actually will mean.

The Court did move to the Right. If conservatives were prone to dance in the streets, this would be cause for at least a little jig, though not necessarily a full-scale chorus line. The moves were significant—no matter how conservatives try to downplay them. But they also were modest—despite what you may hear from the Chicken Littles with their hair on fire.

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