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Good Reads Today


If you are still on holiday today–or even if not–check out Allison Hayward on the WRTL campaign-finance ruling, and Jonathan Adler’s excellent round-up of the Supreme Court’s just-finished term.  On the Court’s Parents Involved racial school assignment case, see Roger Clegg.  And that’s all just on NRO today.  Also see George Will’s column on the schools case.  But if you really have a few minutes, read Justice Clarence Thomas’s eloquent opinion in that case.  It has received far too little comment, especially for its Part III, in which Thomas administers a severe spanking (of about ten pages) to the dissenting Justice Breyer for the latter’s use of arguments that closely resemble those of Jim Crow’s defenders in the days leading up to the decision in Brown v. Board of Education more than five decades ago.  Justice Breyer must still sting badly enough to make sitting down a wee bit painful.


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