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For Those of You Keeping Score at Home …


The Supreme Court’s current Term is expected to conclude the week of June 25.  Those of you wishing to keep track of the remaining cases will find handy this chart (prepared and maintained by attorneys at Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw).  Because opinion assignments are roughly equalized by argument session, the month-by-month breakdown sometimes enables intelligent guesswork as to who (absent a post-conference switch of votes) will be writing the majority opinions in remaining cases.  For example, the page for the December argument session (beginning Nov. 27) shows that only the Chief Justice hasn’t written a majority opinion for that session and that only the two race-preference cases remain undecided. 


On the days on which ruling are announced, SCOTUSblog is usually quickest to give the bottom line and to provide links to the opinions.


With its five rulings today in relatively low-profile cases, the Court has 18 opinions still to render this Term.  The Court currently has two remaining dates scheduled for issuing opinions—Monday, June 18 and Monday, June 25—but it often adds additional dates during the final two weeks.   

UPDATE:  The Court has scheduled an announcement session for Thursday, June 14 (at 10:00).   

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