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More on Geoff Stone’s Anti-Catholic Tirade


Some follow-up to my series of posts last Friday afternoon (beginning here) on the confused anti-Catholic tirade that the Court’s partial-birth ruling somehow elicited from University of Chicago law professor Geoff Stone:


ABC’s Jan Crawford Greenburg takes Stone—and his equally insightful commentator, Rosie O’Donnell—to task here.  Greenburg also links to Bench Memos contributor Rick Garnett’s “pointed, yet polite, response” on the University of Chicago law school blog.  And still more from Rick at ProfsBlawg.


A reader also calls to my attention this comment posted in response to Stone’s tirade:

I am in Professor Stone’s Con Law III class and am a Catholic.

His bigotry against Catholics is not limited to this board. I and two other Catholic students have filed complaints (really, one complaint with all of us signing) with Dean of Students Michele Baker Richardson.

We do not really expect to see any response or vindication, but we do have audio tape of comments he has made in class to the effect that Catholics are incapable of rendering decisions unless the Pope directs and specifically names the 5 Justices mentioned above. He specifically mentioned his clerkship to Justice Brennan, who he described as “the only thinking Catholic I ever knew”, the implication being most or all Catholics do not think and, in keeping with his other comments, simply do what the Pope directs.

Please do not let the media bury our story. 

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