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Watching Neal Gabler’s Head Explode . . .


is so much fun every Saturday on “Fox News Watch.”  Last night I was out of the room when he burst a few fresh blood vessels, but my wife told me about it, and here’s the snippet from a transcript, just after host Eric Burns had asked whether Gerald Ford’s “decency wasn’t the right thing for the time?”

Neal Gabler:  Decency? What do we call decency? A man who wants to get William Douglas off the Supreme Court? A rabid partisan . . . [Crosstalk]

Jane Hall:  Can I say something? [Crosstalk]

Gabler:   . . . who supported [Inaudible] [Crosstalk]

Burns:  Jane, you—you may wrap up.

Gabler:  Decency is—is relative . . . [Crosstalk]

Burns:  Well, I could not—I could not disagree with you more about Gerald Ford’s decency.

Me neither.  Gerald Ford looks better all the time, if he can still make the hard left look foolish as it comes screeching to the rescue of its false idols.


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