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Re: Who’s Being Uncooperative?


As usual, Senator Cornyn hits the nail on the head:

“It was my hope that with the election now behind us, the Senate could move forward in a bipartisan manner that treats all qualified judicial nominees fairly and assures them a simple up-or-down vote.  It seems, however, that despite their bipartisan rhetoric on election-night, some of my Democrat colleagues seem intent on continuing their record of obstruction when it comes to the President’s nominees.  That is very disappointing.  Members of the federal judiciary should not be political footballs and they should not be subject to ideological litmus tests by Members of the Senate.  I hope the partisan attack that we have seen from Senator Schumer today is itself an aberration, and not an indication of how the Democrats intend to run the United States Senate.  If Democrats are truly committed to bipartisanship, they will give these qualified nominees a fair, up-or-down vote.”

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