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Alito Salutes Reagan


The L.A. Times reports that Justice Samuel Alito paid heartfelt tribute to the late President Reagan in remarks at the Reagan Library, dating the president’s influence on him back to 1964’s famous “A Time for Choosing” speech in support of Barry Goldwater.  Alito particularly praised Reagan the constitutionalist, the originalist who reminded America of our founding principles—and who hired so many bright young men and women like Samuel Alito early in their careers. (How Appealing has links to other reports of the speech too.)  Kind of reminds me of some arguments I made on the occasion of the great president’s death.

I hope Justice Alito will adopt the custom—exclusively practiced at the moment, it seems, by Justices Stevens, Ginsburg, and Breyer—of posting his speeches on the Supreme Court’s website at this page.  I’d like to read his remarks in full.

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