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Re: Circling the Wagons


In connection with Matt’s post on today’s New York Times editorial, a reader is suitably struck by the Times’s concern that providing the ABA’s underlying report on Fifth Circuit nominee Mike Wallace to the Senate Judiciary Committee on a confidential basis—as Chairman Specter has quite reasonably requested—“could discourage lawyers from speaking freely” to the ABA:


The NYT, who editorialized in favor of Vice-President Cheney’s disclosure of the energy task-force information, in favor of the release of internal memos from the time Miguel Estrada worked in the Solicitor General’s Office, in favor of the public disclosure of the NSA surveillance program, in favor of public disclosure of our programs tracking terrorists funds internationally . . . has finally found value in confidentiality.


Rank, cynical, infuriating, mindless hypocrisy.


Yes, those last five words would be a fitting motto for the New York Times editorial page.


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