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Hooray for the ABA!


Or, more precisely, hooray for the ABA’s self-immolation.


I confess that I was beginning to fear that it was all too good to be true:  An ABA president who is a left-wing blowhard stacks a task force with highly credentialed critics of President Bush.  That task force somehow produces a report on signing statements that is stunningly incompetent and that invites scathing criticism from leading academics across the political spectrum.  All that remained was for the student government wannabes in the ABA House of Delegates to give the report their rubber stamp of approval.  Please, please, I was hoping, let there not be a voice of sanity somewhere in the ABA that has the clout to deep-six the report before the rubber stamp is applied.


Fortunately, my fear was not realized.  Rather, as this Boston Globe article reports, the ABA’s House of Delegates, after an hour of supposed debate (I’d like to see the transcript of that!), approved the task force’s report. 


The ABA as a body, having applied its full set of grandiosely styled processes, has now committed an act of collective idiocy that would amount to malpractice if an attorney were providing that advice to a client.  Those of us who have decried the ABA’s politicization in recent decades—and its moral extortion of those of its members who see little choice but to belong—now have been handed more potent, nonpartisan ammunition:  The ABA can’t even be trusted to be minimally competent in its formation of its legal positions.


Thank you, Michael Greco, for your enduring legacy!


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