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Yes, More on the ABA’s Follies


I’m pleased to report that the next issue of the Weekly Standard (which should be available online late this evening or tomorrow) will carry an article by me exploring more comprehensively the foolishness of the ABA task force’s report on signing statements—and what it reveals about the ABA.  My article includes a damning assessment of the report by a prominent liberal scholar who is a leading expert on signing statements. 


Next week, I intend to turn my attention to the ABA’s remarkable “not qualified” rating of Fifth Circuit nominee Mike Wallace. 

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the ABA’s annual meeting in Hawaii, which begins next Thursday.  ABA president Michael Greco says that the ABA is “working to incorporate the music and dance of the islands into Annual Meeting events,” so I’m sure that the House of Delegates will be paying a lot of attention to the task-force report that it is being asked to rubber-stamp.  Greco also says that one of the programs “will focus on E ola hou i ka mana`o kupono—the Renaissance of Idealism in our profession.”  My own idealism about lawyers (if I ever suffered from such naivete) will experience a minor rebirth if the ABA annual meeting denounces Greco’s partisan hackery. 

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