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Follow-up On That Novak Column


A little birdie passes along an analysis, sent out via e-mail by former Senate staffer Manuel Miranda, of Robert Novak’s column I mentioned below, on what is stalling the action on judicial nominations.  Novak emphasized sources who put more of the blame on the White House (specifically Harriet Miers’s office) than on Senate leaders and staffers.  Miranda’s take on this—and he’s a close observer with apparently very good sources—is that the fault lies largely in the office of majority leader Frist, and in a staff that ill-serves him more than in the leader himself.

I  have no sources myself to settle this difference of opinion.  I’m just telling what is coming my way in published commentaries on this business.  But it sure would be nice not to sacrifice a winning issue that has the plus of getting on the right side of the Constitution.

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