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Status Report on Courts of Appeals Nominees


There are 19 vacancies on the courts of appeals for purposes of the nominations process. (Sixteen of these vacancies already exist, two other judges have announced that they will take senior status early in the fall, and one judge (Judge Widener, whose seat William Haynes has been nominated to fill) has announced that he will serve only until the confirmation of his successor.)


Nominations for six of these vacancies are now pending on the Senate floor:  Terry Boyle to the Fourth Circuit, William Myers and Randy Smith to the Ninth Circuit, and, as of yesterday, Bobby Shepherd to the Eighth Circuit and Neil Gorsuch and Jerome Holmes to the Tenth Circuit.


Two other nominees—William Haynes to the Fourth Circuit and Kimberly Moore to the Federal Circuit—have had their Judiciary Committee hearings.


Six other nominees await their Judiciary Committee hearings:  Mike Wallace (whose hearing on his Fifth Circuit nomination is next Wednesday), Peter Keisler to the D.C. Circuit, Debra Livingston to the Second Circuit, Kent Jordan to the Third Circuit, and Raymond Kethledge and Stephen Murphy to the Sixth Circuit.


There are five vacancies that await a nomination:  two to the Third Circuit, two to the Fourth Circuit, and one to the D.C. Circuit.


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