Texas Redistricting Decision

by Jonathan H. Adler

There’s quite a bit to digest in the Supreme Court’s decision in the Texas redistricting cases, LULAC v. Perry .  The syllabus alone is over eight pages, and the various decisions run for well over 100 more.  Nonetheless, some things are clear: The Court resoundingly rejected the claims that Texas’ mid-decade redistricting constituted unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering.  While the Court did not completely close the door to such claims in the future, it appears that future partisan gerrymandering claims will continue to face an uphill climb.  The one area where the petitioners were successful was in challenging the composition of one district under the Voting Rights Act.  Thus, the Texas Congressional district lines will have to be redrawn once again.  For more on the decision, check out SCOTUSBlog and the Election Law blog .

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