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Gone Fishing


I will be on vacation for the next ten days or so and therefore—absent a major event, such as a justice’s retirement—expect to be quiet on the blogging front.  I’m sure, though, that my Bench Memos colleagues will pay ample attention as the Supreme Court issues its final decisions of the term. 

I’ve tried to avoid irrelevant indulgences in personal points, but request an exception here.  The timing of my vacation is dictated by the fact that my parents, Marty and Nancy Whelan (now of Newport Beach, California, and formerly of Whittier), will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on June 23.  I’ve done too good a job over the years of suppressing my gratitude to them for all their generous love, sacrifices, and support.  Somehow, until recently it never crossed my mind that there was anything exceptional about raising five children born within a period of six years and three weeks.  So, Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  (And please count this as a substitute for a card.)

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