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Necessary and Proper


Jon Adler just pops up everywhere, doesn’t he?  This morning he was singing the praises of Bench Memos over at The Corner, urging readers to pony up in NRO’s current fund drive.  (Go here!)  A few minutes later he was sending in the posts you see below.  Thanks, Jon.  A little more than a year after its founding, Bench Memos can claim to be an important outpost in the struggle over the courts, the Constitution, and the integrity of law in the United States.  It’s been my pleasure and privilege to be associated with the likes of Adler, Whelan, Bradley, Alt, Garnett, Levin, Long, McCarthy, Rushton, Ponnuru, Lopez . . .

We all know from our mail that we have lots of readers in the legal profession, all over the country.  And we know that a lot of you folks do very well for yourselves—as well you should.  So surely you will think it “necessary and proper” to help out NRO, seeing how it has added to your day.  Now what was that link again . . . ?


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