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ABA Committee Member James B. Lee: Addendum


My previous post mentioned Tenth Circuit member James B. Lee’s long record of nonpartisan public service.  It may be of interest that that record includes service as chairman of the board of Salt Lake County Bar Legal Services, chairman of the board of Utah Legal Services, member of the board of the Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake (which awarded him its Lifetime Service Award), and president of the Utah State Bar.  Also, Lee has been honored for his role in mentoring women in the legal profession.  (And, as previously noted, he supported an ABA resolution urging a moratorium on the death penalty.)


Again, I don’t think that these facts have any clear bearing on partisanship (though those more familiar with how legal-services organizations actually operate might disagree).  I mention them because Lee is one of the very few members of the ABA committee who (from his few in-state political contributions a decade ago) would appear to be a Republican.  What is striking is that, on the one hand, the possible Republicans on the committee are far removed from the Left’s caricature of legal conservatives and that, on the other, so many of the left-wingers on the committee are more starkly partisan than most conservatives would have imagined.

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