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ABA Committee Member Lorna G. Schofield


Lorna G. Schofield, a partner in the Debevoise & Plimpton law firm in New York, is the Second Circuit member on the ABA committee. 

Her only political contribution of record was $500 in 1994 to Andrew C. Hartzell, Jr., a Republican candidate for Congress in New York.  The possibility that she might have significant Republican or conservative attachments is not supported by any other evidence and would seem belied by the fact that the ACLU retained her in 1990 to represent it in a case that (in the words of the Washington Post) culminated “a three-year legal battle of mother against fetus.”  (Washington Post, Nov. 29, 1990)  (There may have been a significant conservative case to be made for the ACLU’s position, which objected to a court-ordered Cesarean section; my narrow point here is that I doubt very much that the ACLU would hire counsel who was ideologically opposed to the ACLU.) 

Update:  I have been advised by a former Debevoise lawyer that Andrew Hartzell, the Republican whom Schofield contributed to, was a longtime partner at Debevoise and that Schofield’s contribution was probably “purely personal.”  This same source states that Schofield “never gave the impression of being a Republican or conservative in what was a generally liberal leaning firm.”  

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