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ABA Committee Member James B. Lee


James B. Lee, an attorney with (and former president of) the Salt Lake City law firm of Parsons Behle & Latimer, is the Tenth Circuit member on the ABA committee.


Lee, who graduated from West Point 54 years ago (and thus must be in his mid-70s), has a long record of nonpartisan public service.  

Lee made four modest political contributions, all to Utah Republicans and all between 1992 and 1997:  $250 and $500 to Senator Bennett in 1992 and 1997, $250 to Olene Walker in 1993, and $250 to Senator Hatch in 1994.  I see nothing in Lee’s record suggestive of substantial ideological attachments to Republicans or conservatism.  On the contrary:  In 1997, he supported an ABA resolution “urging a capital-punishment moratorium, a move contradicting sentiment from the Clinton administration and the organization’s own president.”  (Deseret News, February 10, 1997)

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