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ABA Committee Member Max A. Hansen


Max A. Hansen, a lawyer in Dillon, Montana (2000 population:  3,752 persons), is the second Ninth Circuit member on the ABA committee.


I mean no offense to Hansen in noting that his particular practice area—real-estate transactions—has as little relation to the work of the Ninth Circuit as Marna Tucker’s divorce specialty has to the D.C. Circuit.  One might reasonably wonder whether that mismatch is part of the reason that left-wing ABA president Michael Greco put Hansen (who is evidently a Republican) on the committee.  (An aside:  Hansen’s real-estate practice helps explain why one of President Bush’s nominees received a seemingly undeserved rating of “well qualified” from the ABA committee:  Milan D. Smith Jr., whose dubious fitness I outlined here and who was nominated only because he is the brother of Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon and had the support of Senator Barbara Boxer of California, also specialized in real-estate transactions.)


Hansen has a record of four political contributions, all to Republicans:  $1000 in 2003 and $250 in 2004 to President Bush, $500 in 2004 to Re-Elect Freshmen of the Republican Majority, and $500 in 2003 to Colorado congressman Scott McInnis.  I see nothing else in Hansen’s record suggestive of partisan ideological attachments.

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