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ABA Committee Member Manuel San Juan


Manuel San Juan, an attorney in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the First Circuit member on the ABA committee.


San Juan’s political contributions have been entirely to Democrats, but the extent of those contributions is unclear.  San Juan contributed $900 to a Puerto Rico Democrat in the 2000 cycle and $500 to New York congresswoman Nydia Velasquez in 1997.  “Manuel San Juan III” gave $5000 to the Committee for a Democratic Majority in 1996, and “Manuel San Juan Jr.” also gave $5000 to that same group in 1996.  The occupation for both of these contributors is listed as “American Foreign Underwriters,” and it’s not clear whether either is the ABA committee member (though the zip code appears to be a match).  Likewise, a “Manuel San Juan” of “American Foreign” gave $2000 to Joseph P. Kennedy II in 1995.


While San Juan was a board member of the Puerto Rico Legal Services Corporation, that organization was the subject of a formal complaint that charged that it had used taxpayer dollars to subsidize an event that “featured speakers from liberal advocacy groups promoting homosexual special interest legislation, denial of parental consent rights in minors’ abortion cases, and a host of other social/political causes.”


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