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Re: Evaluation of ABA Committee Members


I’ve now done initial posts on six of the members of the ABA committee that evaluates judicial nominees.  I’ve offered little or no commentary in these posts, as the facts seem to me to speak rather powerfully for themselves (res ipsa loquitur, in legal jargon).  But I would like to offer some signposts going forward.


In addition to my posts on six members, my Weekly Standard article on what the ABA did to Brett Kavanaugh addresses Marna Tucker, the D.C. Circuit member, and Stephen Tober, the committee chair.  I will certainly have more to say about Tucker and Tober.


First, though, I intend to address (today, if possible) the seven other members of the ABA committee.  I readily acknowledge that I have less information on them, and that may well be because they do not have partisan ideological attachments (though it also may be, in at least some of the cases, that the attachments are simply less public).  I will also reveal the shocking news that at least a few of the 15 members appear to be Republicans, though they visibly lack the ideological commitments that might be thought to counter the remarkable leftward bias of so many of their committee colleagues.


I’ll also do a wrap-up essay over the next week or two. 

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