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ABA Committee Member Kim J. Askew


Kim J. Askew, a partner in Hughes & Luce in Dallas, is the Fifth Circuit member on the ABA committee.

Askew serves on the Board of Trustees of the Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights, a left-wing group that has fervently opposed leading nominees of the Bush Administration (as I illustrated in point 1 in my discussion of John Payton).

In the last five years, Askew’s political contributions have all been to left-wing Democrats.  She gave $1500 to Ron Kirk’s unsuccessful 2002 Senate campaign, $300 to Barbara Boxer of California, and $250 to Joe Driscoll, a MoveOn-endorsed congressional candidate in Pennsylvania.  In 1999, Askew did give $250 to Bush for President, but in context that donation appears explicable only as the price of being in a major Dallas law firm.

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