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ABA Committee Member Roberta D. Liebenberg


Roberta D. Liebenberg, an antitrust lawyer with the Philadelphia law firm of Fine, Kaplan & Black, is the Third Circuit member on the ABA committee.  Here are some facts that bear on her partisan attachments:


1.  Since 2001, Liebenberg has been on the board of Womens Way, a Philadelphia-area organization that “raises money and public awareness to fight for and achieve” various goals, including “reproductive freedom.”


2.  A favorable profile of Liebenberg explains that her experience as a teacher “led her to pursue law with an activist bent” and celebrates the fact that “[o]n her way up the professional ladder, Liebenberg has found time for activism, especially when it comes to various forms of discrimination.”  (Philadelphia Business Journal, Dec. 5, 2003)


3.  Liebenberg has chaired or served on numerous committees on racial and gender bias.  Such committees plainly have worthy stated goals, but the means they often adopt can be highly dubious at best—and they tend to be rapidly taken over by the Left.  I have no information on what Liebenberg’s committees actually proposed, but the fact that the work of one of her committees was honored by the ACLU is hardly reassuring.


4.  With the exception of two small contributions to liberal “pro-choice” Republicans 10 and 17 years ago, Liebenberg’s political contributions have been entirely to Democrats, including $1000 to the Democratic National Committee.


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